North Texas Invitational - NTR Bid Event, Pool Assignments & Results
11 Open[schedule[results[Gold[Silver
12 Open[schedule[results[Gold[SilverA]  [SilverB[BronzeA]  [BronzeB
12 Club[schedule[results[Gold[SilverA]  [SilverB[Bronze
13 Open[schedule[results[Gold[SilverA]  [SilverB[BronzeA]  [BronzeB
13 Club[schedule[results[Gold[SilverA]  [SilverB[BronzeA]  [BronzeB]  [BronzeC
14 Open[schedule[results[Gold[SilverA]  [SilverB[BronzeA]  [BronzeB]  [BronzeC
14 Club[schedule[results[Gold[SilverA]  [SilverB[BronzeA]  [BronzeB]  [BronzeC]  [BronzeD
15 Open[schedule[results[Gold[SilverA]  [SilverB]  [SilverC[BronzeA]  [BronzeB
15 Club[schedule[results[Gold[SilverA]  [SilverB]  [SilverC[BronzeA]  [BronzeB
16 Open[schedule[results[Gold[SilverA]  [SilverB[BronzeA]  [BronzeB
16 Club[schedule[results[Gold[SilverA]  [SilverB[BronzeA]  [BronzeB
17 Open[schedule[results[Gold[Silver[BronzeA]  [BronzeB
17-18 Club[schedule[results[Gold[Silver[Bronze

The pools are not final until Thursday night at 5:00 pm the night before the tournament. Each person is responsible for any schedule changes prior to that time. Any changes made after Thursday at 5:00 pm the night before the tournament will be communicated with the club director.

Once that pools are posted, there will not be any wave changes.