Division: 12O Gold Madfrog 11N Blue
Site: Dallas Convention Center M3
Date: January 28 CT 13
Flyers 12N-Ed 9:00 AM Madfrog 11N Blue
CT 12 Loser of M1 CT 13
12:00 PM   11:00 AM
Flyers 12N-Ed Flyers 12N-Ed REF Flyers 12N-Ed REF Madfrog 11N Blue
M1     Loser of M7 Loser of M5 M12
CT 13     Madfrog 12E Gold   CT 13
8:00 AM Flyers 12N-Ed   M5   1:00 PM
REF Loser to M7   CT 13    
Madfrog 11N Blue   10:00 AM    
  Madfrog 12E Gold REF Titans 12 Nat  
Victory 12 Elite Black Loser of M3  
Titans 12 Nat  
Tejas 12 Adidas REF Madfrog 11N Blue
M2 Loser of M11 CHAMPION
CT 12 Arete 12 Navy  
8:00 AM Tejas 12 Adidas M6  
REF Loser to M7 CT 12  
Arete 11 Navy   Arete 12 Navy 10:00 AM Flyers 11 Rox-Alex  
    M9 REF M11  
Attack 12 Black CT 12 Loser of M4 CT 13  
1:00 PM   12:00 PM  
  Flyers 11 Rox-Alex    
Victory 12 Elite Black Arete 12 Navy REF REF  
M7 Loser of M8 Loser of M10 Tejas 12 Adidas
CT 12   Tejas 12 Adidas  
11:00 AM Victory 12 Elite Black   M4  
REF     CT 12  
Loser of M6   9:00 AM  
  Arete 11 Navy REF Tejas 12 Adidas
Attack 12 Black Loser of M2
Arete 11 Navy
  Indicates that you will referee a match before yours. Most losing teams will referee the match after theirs.