Division: 14 Gold Flyers 14N-Sibrena
Site: Winning Edge M3
Date: January 14 CT 5
9:00 AM
REF Flyers 14N-Sibrena
Loser of M1 M7
Flyers 14R-Valerie   CT 6
  M1   11:00 AM
  CT 5    
Wrecking Crew 14B 8:00 AM    
  M5 REF Flyers 14R-Valerie  
  CT 6 Flyers 14N-Sibrena  
  10:00 AM    
  Wrecking Crew 14B  
EMV 14 Regional April REF REF Flyers 14N-Sibrena
5th Place Loser M4 Loser of M5 CHAMPION
  Ellis County 14N Blk  
    CT 6  
    8:00 AM Ellis County 14N Blk  
EMV 14 Regional April REF M4  
  SVA 14.1 National CT 6  
    9:00 AM  
EMV 14 Regional April    
Loser of M2 SVA 14.1 National
SVA 14.1 National
  Indicates that you will referee a match before yours. Most losing teams will referee the match after theirs.