Division: 14C Silver C Rise Heat Inferno Red
Site: Lone Star   M1
Date: February 11   CT 5
  1:00 PM
VIPTT     25-18 25-13
Rise Heat Inferno Red REF Madfrog 14E Black
  M4 FWFIRE 14W M3
  CT 5   CT 5
  4:00 PM   3:00 PM
  Madfrog 14E Black  
25-11 23-25 15-10   25-12 25-22
Rise Heat Inferno Red REF REF Madfrog 14E Black
  Flyers 14R-Valerie FWFIRE 14W CHAMPION
  FWFIRE 14W  
    CT 5  
    2:00 PM  
FWFIRE 14W Rise Heat Inferno Red Flyers 14R-Valerie
    21-25 25-20 15-6
Flyers 14R-Valerie
  Indicates that you will referee a match before yours. Most losing teams will referee the match after theirs.