Division: 17O Bronze B Flyers 17 Rox-Tom
Site: ASC   M1
Date: February 11   CT 8
  12:00 PM
Victory Elite Gray REF Flyers 17 Rox-Tom
  M4 Summit 17 North M3
  CT 8   CT 8
  3:00 PM   2:00 PM
  Victory Elite Gray  
Summit 17 North REF REF Flyers 17 Rox-Tom
  Loser of M3 Loser of M2 CHAMPION
  Summit 17 North  
    CT 8  
    1:00 PM  
Summit 17 North Loser of M1 Tx Assault 17 Blue
Tx Assault 17 Blue
  Indicates that you will referee a match before yours. Most losing teams will referee the match after theirs.