Division: 13O Bronze A LoneStar 13 blue
Site: Dallas Convention Center   M1
Date: February 4   CT 2
  1:00 PM
LoneStar 13 blue REF Believe 13-1
  M4 Power 13 Black M3
  CT 2   CT 2
  4:00 PM   3:00 PM
  Believe 13-1  
Power 13 Black REF REF Skyline 13 Molten Black
  Loser of M3 Loser of M2 CHAMPION
  Power 13 Black  
    CT 2  
    2:00 PM  
Power 13 Black Loser of M1 Skyline 13 Molten Black
Skyline 13 Molten Black
  Indicates that you will referee a match before yours. Most losing teams will referee the match after theirs.