Dallas Frozen Fest
13 & Under Division
Silver Bracket
Site: Skyline
1 JAM 13 Jammers
2 Titans 13 Nat
JAM 13 Jammers 3 Skyline 13 Elite
  4 Skyline 13 Molten Black
Skyline 13 Molten Black Ct 3 JAM 13 Jammers
  12:00 PM 25-21,29-27
  REF: Skyline 13 Elite  
  Skyline 13 Molten Black  
M4 M3
Skyline 13 Molten Black Ct 3 Ct 3 JAM 13 Jammers
25-13,27-25 3:00 PM 2:00 PM 21-25,25-22,15-12
3RD PLACE REF: Loser of M3 REF: Loser of M2 CHAMPION
Silver Bracket   Skyline 13 Elite   Silver Bracket
Skyline 13 Elite Ct 3 Titans 13 Nat
1:00 PM 25-9,25-6
REF: Loser of M1
Titans 13 Nat
  Indicates that you will ref the match prior to your scheduled start.
Unless noted otherwise, the losing teams will ref the following match on their court.
All Matches are 2 out of 3 sets to 25 pts. without a cap. 3rd Set is to 15 pts, no cap.
All Times are approximate, the warm-up will start immediately after the previous match has concluded
Teams will be penalized a 1 point per minute for missed officiating duties, max. 1 game.
Watch refereeing assignments carefully, some teams will have to referee prior to their first match on Sunday